Using the Suite360 Student Program as a Teacher

Using the Suite360 Student Program as a Teacher

The most effective Suite360 Student implementations involve classroom teachers both in the classroom and as program users.  This video and the following article will address the unique way that classroom teachers use the Suite360 Student program.

Checking Your Class Roster(s)

In order to do anything with students in the program, you'll need to ensure that your class roster(s) includes your students.  You can view your class roster by logging into the program and clicking on the "Classes" tab on your Suite360 Dashboard.  
For help logging into your Suite360 program, please talk to your program administrator

When you click on the "Classes" button, you'll see any class that you're assigned to.

From there, you can click on the blue number of students under the students column or on the blue "manage students" button on the right hand side.  This will show you your list of students for that particular class.  You can move students to other classes, create additional classes and add pre-created assignments to your class.  Each button or icon provides functionality.  Simply hover over a button or icon to see what it does.
Note: You can only view and assign students who have been assigned to you by your program administrator.  If you see no classes or students, contact your program administrator for help.

Previewing Content

If your school is using the preset curriculum, you will have content automatically assigned to your students every week.  If you want to preview the lessons assigned to your students, you will need to go to the front end of the program.  You do this by clicking on the Globe icon in the top right hand of the program:

Once in the front end, you can view the content for your students' grade by clicking on the "Grade" dropdown in the top right of the screen:

Once the grade level is selected, if your students have a current assignment, you'll see the lesson on the home page.  You can simply click on "Start" to preview the lesson as if you were a student.  Your students are able to start their lessons simply by logging into their accounts. 

Many Suite360 Student lessons (particularly at the Elementary School level) have a teacher script.  If the lesson that has been assigned to your students has a teacher script, it will automatically be loaded up when you click "Start"

If the proper grade level is selected and you don't see any lessons, it's either because none have been assigned or because they are not started yet.  If that is the case, you can see upcoming lessons by clicking on the "Upcoming" tab on the front end home page.

Teacher Guides and Classroom Discussions

Starting in the fall of 2019, we will be adding discussion guides for every Suite360 Student Lessons in our library.  These discussion guides will allow you to have smart conversations with your students about the Suite360 topics and include additional resources as well as discussion questions.  These discussion guides are meant to help you get started in planning how to address these topics.  At the top of each discussion guide there are links to the home page which is where you'll find all of the discussion guides.

All of the Discussion Guides are organized by grade and are available in our Community tab in the Help Center.  In the Community tab, you'll see the grades on the right side.  This allows you to sort through the guides you're looking for.  Each title includes both the grade of the guide, the title of the corresponding student lesson and the week that it's planned for in the preset curriculum.

That being said, we know that teachers are the most effective at teaching their students.  Therefore, we want to know how you're using Suite360 in your classroom.  We created the discussion guides within our Suite360 Community so that you can comment and share your best practices with the Suite360 Community.  You can leave comments in each discussion guide after you've signed up for our help desk:
Note: The sign up for the help desk is separate from your Suite360 Program and grants you the ability to contribute to our Help Center Community.  We hope you'll take advantage and share what you're doing with other like minded teachers.

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