Using Custom Mental Health Reports

Using Custom Mental Health Reports

Congratulations on using the Suite360 Mental Health program in its introductory year!  In an attempt to make your reporting to the state easier, we've created custom reports for all of our districts running the Suite360 Mental Health program.  This tutorial will guide you through all of the steps necessary to make the most of your custom report.

Getting Access

You will access the report using a special link created for you.  If you haven't received your specialized link, please see Wednesday Cox or Chris Riley in order to get it!  

Your link will have the data that you need to see at the district or school level.

Please Note: These custom reports are not designed for classroom teachers and should only be used by district and school administrators


At the top of your custom report, you will see a filter selection.  This will allow you to narrow in on the data that you wish to see.  Simply select the school, grade, class(es) or lesson that you're trying to view to filter the view.

All filters are multi select, so you can pick multiple filters from the same list.  

After you've selected one or more filters, you'll be able to click on "Reset" to remove all the filters and start again:

Report Tiles

Every report is located within a tile.  Each tile has certain buttons that can be used to better view data:


This button allows you to see that one report in full screen.  To click on this, first hover over the report tile and then select that "Maximize" button in the top right:

View Underlying Data

This opens a popup window (you may need to enable pop ups) of the data in spreadsheet format that you can then filter or sort.  To access this, hover over the report and click on the three buttons in the top right corner, then select "View Underlying Data"


This will allow you to download the report in any format you choose (PDF, Excel, Image, etc...).  This option is best for the by name or by lesson reports that contain a lot of data you may want to sift through.  To access the export, hover over the report, click on the three dots in the top right corner and then click Export.  Then select your preferred format:

Simple Dashboard

The first section of the report is the simple dashboard which will show you all of the lessons assigned and all of the lessons completed.  Using the simple dashboard with the filters will allow you to quickly see the overall completion in a class, grade or school or the overall completion of a single lesson or group of lessons.

By Name Reports

For more specific reports that show you all lessons done by each student by name, scroll down to the by name reports.

Each report is listed by grade so you can get the the report you're looking for.  This report will show the student's name and student ID and should allow you to check completion for students in your school/district by name.


If you have any questions about how to use this report, please don't hesitate to reach out to Wednesday Cox (