Using and Understanding the Gradebook Feature

Using and Understanding the Gradebook Feature

The Suite360 Gradebook serves two main purposes:
  1. to check completion for students completing lessons on their own device
  2. to mark completion for students who have received their lesson whole class

To get started using the Gradebook, you can either click the "Go to Gradebook" link in the resources section of the main admin home page, or click on the "Mark Completion In Gradebook" link on any current lesson card.  If you don't see the icon, please review this article for basic program navigation.

Please Note: Due to how the beginning, middle and end of year assessments are graded in the Suite360 Student program, these assessments will show up as lessons but are not available to mark as complete.

Please note that if you have multiple programs, the Gradebook for Suite360 Student will be separate from the Gradebook for Suite360 Mental Health. Make sure you have selected the Mental Health tab if you're marking completion there as Student will be selected by default.

The gradebook has a list of all of your students on the left hand side. Each of the student names is a clickable link to go to the student report card. The top of the gradebook will have all of the lessons that have been assigned up to this point in the system.

Important note: If you have students in multiple grades but the same class, they will typically have different assignments so it is important to understand that lessons in Suite360 are almost always assigned at the GRADE level. If you don't see all of your students, you may need to filter on a different grade.


These filters allow you to see the lists of students that are relevant to you.  These filters include:
  1. School (District Admins Only)
  2. Grade
  3. Class
  4. Student Name
  5. Assignment
The filters combine so if an instructor puts in place a filter of a class AND grade, the results shown will reflect the combination of those filters (i.e. only 5th graders from XYZ class).
The filters will look a little bit differently for you based on your administrative role of instructor, School Admin or District Admin.


Instructors will be able to see the filters for Grade, Class, Student Name and Assignment.  However, the data will be limited to only those students assigned to ANY of the instructors classes.  That means that if the teacher would like to view data only for a specific class, that teacher should use the Class filter to get that information.  As most assignments are assigned at the grade level, instructors will also most likely want to filter by grade.  

Getting the filters correct will be key for you finding the information you want.

Please note that for users with fewer than 50 classes assigned, the Class filter will appear as a drop down.  For users with greater than 50 classes assigned (for instance, a school administrator), the class field will show as a search box.  You will need to type in some search parameters in order to see results.

School Admins

School admins will be able to see every student assigned to their school(s).  Most school admins will have to type in search terms in order to filter by class.  The most common way that school admins will look at the data is by grade.  Using the grade filter will show you the data for each grade regardless of of class or assignment.  Another common way to look at the data is by assignment (particularly if you're using the preset curriculum).  The assignment list will show the names of the assignment set during the assignment process.  When using the preset curriculum, the assignment name and lesson name will match.

District Admins

District admins will have the same functionality as School Admins and Instructors.  The major difference is that district admins will also be able to filter by school.
Please note that a default grade filter will be applied for district and school admins


Once your filters are in place, you'll want to view the data.  The data is set up similarly to a spreadsheet with the first column being student name and each column as a separate lesson.  Each row is an individual student's completion results.  There are several places to click and get more information:
  1. Student Name - By clicking on this you will see that student's individual record
  2. Completion Status - By clicking on these icons, you will be able to see the individual lesson for that student

Please note that the Gradebook is LESSON based and there is a potential for duplicate lessons to be assigned.  When a duplicate lesson is discovered by the Gradebook, the system will use the highest applicable score (i.e. if there are two duplicate lessons assigned and one is complete and one isn't started, the system will show that lesson as complete)

There are four potential statuses for a student lesson:


This signifies that the particular lesson has been assigned and completed by the student.  The symbol is a green checkmark:


This signifies that a student has been assigned that lesson and has completed at least the initial pre-test.  The symbol is an orange pause symbol:

Not Started

This indicates that the student has not completed the pre-test of that lesson but has been assigned it.  The symbol is a red exclamation mark.

Not Assigned

A blank box indicates that the student was not assigned that particular lesson.  That could happen for a variety of reasons such as:
  1. The student was loaded into the program after some of the lessons had been assigned
  2. The assignment Start Date has not happened yet
  3. The student was in a class, school or grade that was not assigned the lesson.

Accessing the student report card

By clicking on any of the student names, you can access that student's report card which shows a list of all lessons assigned and completed by that student as well as any data for assessments that student has completed.

Accessing the mark complete feature

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