The Suite360 Scope and Sequence

The Suite360 Scope and Sequence

Finding the right lesson is critical to an effective Suite360 implementation.

The core of our Suite360 program is the Lesson Library , where you can find lessons and activities for social-emotional learning and specific topics. 

In the Scope and Sequence , lessons are organized into our preset curriculum for both Student (SEL) and Mental Health. We have selected and scheduled the lessons for our preset curriculum according to the expertise of our curriculum developers and our clients. You can use the preset curriculum as a guide when creating and scheduling assignments in your Suite360 program.

Of course, you can also assign any lesson in the Lesson Library for any student at any time as well as create a custom assignment schedule based on the needs of your school.

Each lesson is organized under a general theme, such as Social Media Use or Substance Abuse. For each theme, Suite360 offers different lesson to scaffold the learning grade-by-grade. So for the theme Academic and Study Skills, for example, 7th graders will learn about long term goal setting and 8th graders will build on this skill by learning how to ask for help when they need it. Refer to the 'details' column in the Lesson Library to see the grade for which the lesson is intended and the 'theme' column to see which specific theme is covered in the lesson.

We will periodically update both the Scope and Sequence and the Lessons List as we add new lessons to your Suite360 program.

Attached are the pacing guides for Student(SEL), Mental Health and the lesson library for Intervention.

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