The Suite360 Student/Parent Lesson Library

The Suite360 Student/Parent Lesson Library

The lesson library is where you can find all of the lessons and activities that Suite360 Student offers. Access the lesson library by navigating to the admin dashboard and clicking the ‘Lesson’ icon for the program that you're trying to assign content for.

Each row in the lesson library displays key information about each lesson or activity in your program. The column header indicates what type of information is displayed in the column underneath. Each searchable column also has a magnifying glass which will allow you to use that column as a filter:

Let’s review each column.

  • Lesson Name, ID and Description - The title column includes three pieces of information: The lesson title; the universal ID; and the lesson description. Refer to the scope and sequence for a list of lessons

  • Details - This section shows the details of the lesson which include:
    • School Level: Early Elementary, Late Elementary, Middle and High School
    • Curriculum: Suite360 Student, Suite360 Intervention, Suite360 Parent, Suite360 Staff, Suite360 Mental Health, Suite360 Prevention
    • Grade
    • Estimated time of completion

  • Theme - Each lesson focuses on one theme, like cyberbullying or social media use.  This theme correlates to the scope and sequence

  • Activities - Each lesson is made up of a sequence of activities. All of the activities in each lesson are listed here in the ‘Activities’ column. You can preview each individual activity by clicking on the name of the activities.

  • Elective - The elective switch indicates whether or not the lesson will appear in the elective topic library for students. Red means inactive and green means active. You can deactivate any lesson in the topic library to remove that lesson from the elective topic library. Students will only see lessons in their elective topic library that are tagged with their grade.
This does not affect whether students can be ASSIGNED the lesson.  It simply controls the Elective Content Library

  • Manage buttons - Under manage there are two buttons that allow you to either preview the lesson or assign the lesson to students.
    • Preview - Click the preview button to open the lesson in the front-end of your program, just as students would view it.
    • Assign - The assign button is how you add a lesson to an assignment which is discussed in another tutorial.

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