Navigating The Admin Dashboard

Navigating The Admin Dashboard

Basic Navigation

The Suite360 program is comprised of two major sections:

The Front End

The front end is essentially the student version where you can verify assignments and lessons for groups of students.

The front end offers you the option to select grade levels and/or schools to see lessons that have been assigned to schools or grades.

Please note that the dropdown only works for GRADE or SCHOOL level assignments.  Class level or individual assignments will not be visible on the front end.

You can also change your password through the "My Account" link in the menu:

The front end is accessed by the Globe button in the top left hand corner of the screen: 

The Back End

The back end is where the most of the management of Suite360 happens.  The back end can be accessed using the "House" icon in the top left of the black bar:

When you first log in to the back end of the system, you'll see the Admin Dashboard which is what you will use to navigate and manage all of the features of your Suite360 program.

The Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard is the starting place whenever you are using the Suite360 program.  Depending on the programs that your school or district has purchased, you will have one or two sections of the dashboard: "Student, Intervention, Parent, Staff" and/or "Mental Health".  All programs will have the "Users" section at the top.

To get back to the admin dashboard from ANYWHERE in the back end, simply click on the blue "Dashboard" button at the top left:

The menu on the left hand side of the screen contains all of the same functionality as the dashboard does, plus a few extra advanced features that most new users will not use.  If you are just getting started with Suite360 we recommend that you use the dashboard to navigate as much as possible until you are comfortable enough with the program to use the side menu:

Latest Updates

On the top right of your dashboard will be any critical announcements about your program.  This is the primary way that Evolution Labs will send out updates and announcements.  We encourage you to stay up with these announcements any time you log into the program:


Most administrators will not need to worry about the users section and data management.  If you are not the program administrator, you should have very little reason to visit this section

The users section is where program administrators go to manage the users (students, parents, instructors, admins) in the program.  There is also individual student reporting under the "Student" heading.

Student, Intervention, Parent and Staff

Under this heading is the combined lesson library for all of the programs that your school/district has access to.  Group and intervention (individual) assignments are in this section along with the Preset Curriculum and Reporting Dashboard.  
Note: This section could look differently depending on which programs your school/district has access to.  For example, if you only have the Suite360 Student program, you will not see Intervention Assignments or anything related to Parent or Staff

Mental Health

If your school/district has access to the Suite360 Mental Health and/or Suite360 Prevention program(s), you will have a section of your dashboard dedicated to these programs.  The lesson library, group assignments, preset curriculum and reporting dashboards are separate from the other programs:

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