Suite360 Preset Curriculum

Suite360 Preset Curriculum

The Suite360 Preset Curriculum builder is a tool that allows you to set up an entire year's worth of curriculum in minutes.  This article will walk you through how to set up the preset curriculum for your school or district.

Starting the Preset Curriculum

To access the Preset Curriculum builder, push the "Preset Curriculum" button on the Suite360 dashboard.

From there, you'll confirm the start and end date for the current school year. You'll also select the start and end date for the preset curriculum.

From there, you'll select the grade of the preset curriculum that you want to assign and then click the "Load Preset Curriculum" button. 
Each grade has its own curriculum and so has to be assigned individually. You cannot at this time select multiple grades in the preset curriculum.

Once you have pushed the "Load Preset Curriculum" you're ready to start customizing your curriculum!

Previewing and Modifying the Preset Curriculum

In the Preset Curriculum, every lesson is assigned a "Suggested Week" that is assigned based on the start of school.  Each line in the curriculum builder represents a lesson.  

The preview button allows you to open up a new tab and preview the lesson as if you were a student.

The "Edit" button allows you to modify the date that the lesson will be shown.  You can modify by week or set a custom start and end date. 
Setting the Week Number to 0 will move the lesson from the curriculum schedule and will place it in the "Un-used Curriculum" section
Please note that the builder doesn't shuffle lessons around automatically

The rest of the lesson row gives you information about each lesson.  The bolded text is the title.  In Italics is the lesson description.  Each lesson will also display the theme and suggested week.

Confirming Your Preset Assignment

Once you've modified the dates for the lessons and customized the curriculum to fit your school's schedule and needs, you're ready to assign the preset curriculum!

First click on the "Preview & Assign" button

The preview page will open up and you'll be able to review everything that you've added or adjusted.  You can then either "Close Preview" to go back to the builder, or "Confirm" to save and assign the preset curriculum to your students.
If you close the browser window without confirming and saving the preset curriculum, you will lose any edits you made
The curriculum can be modified after it has been assigned, so even if it's not perfect, you can go back and edit later.

Modifying A Preset Curriculum

Once you've assigned your curriculum, you can return to the preset curriculum at any time and repeat the steps in this article.  To save additional changes, simply Preview & Assign after you've made your modifications.

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