Suite360 Mental Health Report

Suite360 Mental Health Report

The Suite360 mental health report is specifically for schools/districts that are looking for data on state compliance for mental health mandates.  While it can be used to generally track completion and program usage, its designed purpose was to show completion for each mandated lesson for the Florida State Mental Health Mandate.

Accessing the Mental Health Report

You access the mental health report by clicking on "Reporting" and "Mental Health Reports"

Understanding the Mental Health Report 

The mental health report shows all of the currently assigned lessons corresponding to the mental health program. Each report is a clickable pie chart that shows the percentage of each status (complete/incomplete).

Class Filter

Each admin has different filters to check for compliance:


Teachers should typically select the class that they're responsible for delivering lessons to.

Instructors can see a class dropdown to look at all of their assigned classes. Since Suite360 Mental Health lessons are typically assigned by grade level, most secondary teachers will have multiple classes rostered with students assigned from each one. However, the vast majority of the time, teachers are responsible for monitoring completion of a single class. By selecting the class, the teacher will see all of the students in each grade and where they are with completion.

Please note: Selecting a class will prevent you from selecting a grade level filter.

School Admins

School admins are typically responsible for tracking completion across the grade levels. School Admins have the opportunity to search specific classes using the Class search filter. However, unlike teachers, this will not be a drop down but will be a search menu that you'll need to type into. 

District Admins

District admins will have the same class level search as school admins.

Grade and School filter

Another way of looking at lessons is by grade. Since Suite360 Mental Health lessons are assigned by grade, this is often the first place to look to track compliance


For instructors, the grade filter will show all students in a particular grade in ALL of your classes. For secondary teachers, this is often not ideal as typically you will be responsible for delivering lessons to a specific class. If your class responsibility is a single grade, then the grade filter may work well for you but you should consider using the class filter first.

School Admins

The grade filter is typically most impactful for school admins. Many schools have school admins or counselors assigned to each grade. Using the grade filter can allow those admins to check compliance for the students they are responsible for.

District Admins

In addition to the grade filter, district admins also have access to a school filter. Using both together is often the most powerful way for district admins to track compliance:

Lesson Filter

The lesson filter can be used in conjunction with any of the other filters to narrow in on a specific lesson. For a list of lessons addressed in Suite360 Mental Health, please see the MH scope and sequence.

Drill Down

Once you have filtered to the specific group of students you want to check completion on, clicking in the circle will bring up a "by name" list of students. This list can be searched and exported and includes their pre/post scores and completion status for that specific lesson:

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