Suite360 Lessons and Lesson Navigation

Suite360 Lessons and Lesson Navigation

Lesson Composition

Each lesson in the Suite360 library is composed of several parts that you should be aware of.  In order to preview any lesson, you simply click on the magnifying glass next to it in the lesson library. You can also access the lesson preview and resources from the "Current Lesson" card on the admin home page once lessons have been assigned for your student.

Lesson Library:

Current Lesson card:


The introduction is for students and walks the students through what they will be learning about in the learning activities. 

Introduction in the Lesson Library:


Introduction in the lesson preview:


This is a quiz that will get a baseline of what students understand about the concepts in the lesson before going through it.

Learning Activities


This learning activity is in EVERY Suite360 Student, Suite360 Intervention and Suite360 Mental Health lesson. This is the digital activity that students will spend the most time on. In some cases, there may even be multiple student learning activities in a single lesson.

Student activity in the lesson library:

Student Activity in the lesson preview:


The staff activity is a companion to the Suite360 Student lessons for schools/districts running the Suite360 Staff program. This learning activity will help staff develop their own skills as well as gives insight into how to most effectively teach the topic to students.

Staff activity in the lesson library:

Staff activity in a lesson preview:

Family (English/Spanish

The family activity is for schools/districts who are using the Suite360 Family program. It provides an overview of the student lesson as well as tips for families to reinforce the learning at home. These activities are available in both English and Spanish

Family activities in the lesson library:

Family activities in the lesson preview:


This post quiz is for students to demonstrate what they've learned from the lesson and can be compared back to the pre-quiz to gauge learning outcomes. By performing well on the post-quiz, students can also earn stars for the gamification!


The resources of each lesson can only be accessed from the lesson preview or from the assigned lesson card but are important parts of the lesson.

Teacher Companion Guide

The teacher companion guide walks teachers through the best way to deliver lessons. For more on the teacher companion guide, see this article.

Family Take Home Guides (English/Spanish)

The family take home guide is available for Suite360 Student, Suite360 Intervention and Suite360 Mental Health lessons. This helpful guide keeps families informed about what is being discussed as well as provides information for how they can reinforce the learning at home.

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