Searching the Lesson Library

Searching the Lesson Library

There are two ways to search the lesson library: the simple search and the advanced search.

The best way to use the simple search is to type in the id number from the scope and sequence or the lesson list. However, you can also enter keywords into the simple search, which will search any information that appears in the title column. For example, if I type in the word ‘Bully’ I will see every lesson that has the word bully somewhere in the lesson title or description, which returns quite a few lesson in the results. However, because the search is limited to the title and description, not every lesson that has to do with bullying would be found by doing that simple search. This is where the advance search comes in.

Using the advance search, you can filter the lesson library much more accurately. The main filters you would use are the Grade, Curriculum, Topic, Unit filters. So if I select the grade filter, equals, grade 8, I would see all of the lesson that are tagged with the Grade 8 role.

The first step you want to always take is to click the ‘reset’ button to clear any filter previously set, so that the Lesson Library once again displays all lessons.

Then, set the first filter to ‘Curriculum’ equals ‘Suite360.’ When you click the ‘apply’ button, the Lesson Library filters to display only the lessons in the Suite360 library. You can see in the curriculum column, only Suite360 lessons display.

You can drill down even further, for example, by filtering for grade. Simply add another filter by clicking the green plus-sign button, and selecting ‘Grade’ as the filter and choose a specific grade (i.e. “Grade 6”). Now, when you click the ‘apply’ button, the Lesson Library is filtered to display only grade 6 in the Suite360 curriculum.


To drill down even further, we will can also filter by “Unit” which corresponds to ‘Theme’ on the scope and sequence as well as the lesson list.

If you want a larger list of lessons to choose from, simply adjust the filters. You can use any combination of filters depending on what type of lesson you are looking for.

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