Marking Students Complete Manually

Marking Students Complete Manually

If you are doing your Suite360 Student lessons with the whole class, you may want to manually mark students complete in situations where you present the lesson to the whole class rather than having students do the lessons on their own devices.

There are two major ways to mark students as complete. The easiest way is through the Gradebook. Alternatively you can mark student complete through the Group Assignments page.

Using the Gradebook

By using the Mark Completion in Gradebook link, you automatically are taken to that lesson's mark completion page. Skip to the "Mark Completion Page" section to see how to mark complete once you get there.

Filtered Gradebook

From the main Gradebook page, you can also select a specific assignment using the assignment dropdown or by selecting a column header. This will also take you to the "Mark Completion Page"

Mark Completion Page

From the mark completion page, you will select the students you want to mark complete. You can use the filters at the top of the page to search for a particular student, grade or class.

You can use the "Select All" button on the top left to select everyone on the list or choose each student individually

Once you've made your selection, use the dropdown menu to mark the selected as Complete or Not Started depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Typically, marking students as "Not Started" would only be done in cases where you've previously marked them as complete.


Using the Group Assignments Page

You can manually mark a lesson complete by finding the assignment under "Group Assignments" on the left hand menu:

Important note:  Since assignments in Suite360 Student are most commonly made by grade, if you have classes that have mixed grades in them, you will most likely have an assignment for each grade.  Therefore, if you have 6th, 7th and 8th graders in a class, you will need to follow this step for each of the grade level assignments.
You can search assignments by name using the simple search or use the filters at the top of each column. These filters include
  1. Assignment Title
  2. Assigned by
  3. Type (Grade or Class)
  4. Audience
  5. School
  6. Start Date
  7. End Date

Once you've identified the assignment in question, simply click on the "Mark as Complete" link in the "Complete" column:

If you want to mark ALL the students complete in a single assignment, simply click on the "All" button:

If you only want to mark a certain group of students, you can filter by class to find the students you are looking for:

You can also search for students by name by clicking on the magnifying glass on top of the "Name" column: 

Once you've decided which students you need to mark complete, you can click the checkbox next to their names or click the master checkbox to select all at once:

Now that you've made your selection, click on the "Selected" button to mark the students as complete:

Then click on the "Confirm" button when prompted.

Marking A Student Incomplete

If you've marked students as complete but you've made an error, you can mark them as incomplete by following essentially the same steps that you used to mark them complete.

First, click on the "Mark as Complete" link under the assignment that you need to adjust:

You can then click on the "Mark as Incomplete" tab at the top

Note: The "Mark as Incomplete" tab only shows when a student in that assignment has been manually marked as complete.  If you don't see that tab, that indicates that no students have been manually marked as complete in that assignment.

If you would like to mark ALL the students as incomplete, click on the "All" button at the top.  If you would like to mark a group or individual student as incomplete, check the box next to the student(s) you want to mark as incomplete and then click on the "Selected" button:

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