Importing Your Suite360 Data

Importing Your Suite360 Data

Now that you have your data file set up, it's time to import it into the program.  The Suite360 Data Import Wizard will help you get the data from your file into the Suite360 program.

Finding the Data Import Wizard

To access, the data import wizard, we select it under the users menu on the left hand side menu. The data import wizard is accessed through the "Import Users" menu item.

Importing Data

Choosing the User Type

Select the user type from the drop down.  Initial accounts will be set up for school administrators (for single site programs) and/or district administrators (district or multi/school programs).  School administrators will be able to import the following types of files:
  1. Student
  2. Parent
  3. Instructor
District administrators will be able to import the same with the addition of school administrators.

Selecting the File

Next, select the file.  The file must be in .csv (comma separated) format.  For help preparing the user file, please see this article.

Review the Summary

The wizard will walk you through the number and type of users in your file:

Select the Username Field

Here you will choose which field controls the "Username" for your data.  Make sure that the field you choose is unique.  Also, keep in mind that if you use the field as the username, it can't be established as any other field later on.

Set the Password

Next, determine what your password will be.  You can either type in a new password that will be shared by every user (i.e. "Password" or "Suite360") OR you can pick a field to be loaded as the password.  Keep in mind that if you use a field as the password, you won't be able to map it later.

Organize the rest of your data

Now that we've chosen how to map the two most important fields (username and password), you get to map the rest of the data to our internal database.  This step involves two columns.  The left hand column is based on your data file and the headers on each column in your file.  The right hand is the Suite360 columns.  The wizard will do its best to match up your columns with our fields but this is your chance to make sure that the wizard got it right:


Once you've gone through the wizard, the last step is to verify that the data looks the way it should in OUR program.  PLEASE take a moment to review this step and ensure that everything lines up the way that it should.  Once you select "Finish" the data will be imported and while it can be changed, it cannot be undone:


Once you're finished uploading, you'll receive another confirmation.  Take a moment and review the confirmation page to make sure that the import counts and grades look correct based on what was in your file.
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