Add a Single User

Add a Single User

This article will walk you through how to add a single student, parent, staff member or administrator to your Suite360 program.  For information about adding an entire roster, see the Getting Started Data article.

If you are adding a single user, it may be easier to just create the account for that one user rather than preparing a data file and uploading it.  Adding a single user is most commonly used for staff and administrators rather than students, parents or instructors.

Start by clicking on the menu of the type of user you want to create.  For example, if I wanted to create a student account, I would click on the "Student" menu item.  These menus are accessed by clicking on the "Users" menu item.

Once you're into the user list, the "New ____" button will show at the top left (School Admins, Instructors, Parents or Students):

You will want to then fill out any relevant information for that user based on the same fields found in the data file.  

  • Password - You can either create a password for the user or have the system do so automatically.  The Username and Password will be displayed for any successful upload.
  • Roles - Select the appropriate role(s) for the user you are uploading.  See "Understanding Roles" above to review what role(s) would be appropriate.
  • Username - Can be set as the email address or any other unique identifier.  However, please note that the username MUST be unique.  You cannot create two users with the same username.
  • First Name - The user's first name
  • Last Name - The user's last name
  • Email - The user's email address.  This field is mandatory when using the account creation tool for Administrators (teachers, school admins etc...) and Parents.  It is optional for Students as long as there is both a Username AND an ID.
  • School Name - If there is more than one school involved in the program then a dropdown will appear with a list of the schools.
  • Student ID (both Numeric and Alphanumeric) - You only have to put the student ID into ONE of these fields.  If your student ID has letters and numbers use the "Alphanumeric" student ID.  If it's only numbers, use the "Numeric" field.  This field is not necessary for any users aside from students.
  • Password - You have the ability to pre-set the password for any user you create.  We STRONGLY recommend that you do so even though you don't have to.  Setting the password allows you to easily convey credentials to any user you're adding.
  • Classes (students and instructors) - This is where you can add students and instructors to classes that have already been created.  

Once all of the data is filled out, click on the "Create User" button at the bottom of the page to create the user.  The user's username and password will then be displayed (one time only) at the top of the page for you to copy and paste and give to the user.
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