5 tips for getting kids logged into Suite360 in a digital environment

5 tips for getting kids logged into Suite360 in a digital environment

Getting students logged into Suite360 can often be the most challenging part!  

Here are 5 tips for getting your students logged in:

  1. Email login instructions to your students.  Most likely, your  students are having to check their emails more than they ever have.  This method may seem like the obvious first step, but it's amazing how many times we forget this simple thing.
  2. Post the link to Suite360 Student on your Google Classroom or other LMS page along with the student's login details.  Most likely, the student already knows how to access this, so it's a great resource for communication!
  3. Involve the parents.  Parents are turning to schools to get content for their students.  They WANT to be your ally.  Post the Suite360 link and login instructions through ClassDojo or any other parent communication platform you use.
  4. Social Media.  If you have school social media pages, create a post explaining all of the great things Suite360 can help students address.  If you don't have a school social media page... now is the time to create one!
  5. School Website.  If you haven't added the link to Suite360 to your school website yet, now is the time to add it.  Students and parents will be utilizing the school website to find resources more than they ever have before.  Make sure it's up to date and the link for Suite360 is visible.

These are just a few suggestions and the specifics of what HOW your students log in will vary from school to school.  Please contact us (by submitting a ticket below) or your district IT personnel if you have any questions or concerns about your login procedures for your school or district.

If you have any other suggestions to share, please let us know!

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