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      • Popular Articles

      • Assigning Suite360 Prevention (Child Trafficking and Substance Abuse) for Elementary Students

        Suite360 Prevention Please note that Suite360 Prevention is currently only available for schools and districts in Florida Suite360 Prevention for K-5 students is comprised of two lessons.  One lesson addresses child trafficking prevention and one ...
      • Suite360 Preset Curriculum

        The Suite360 Preset Curriculum builder is a tool that allows you to set up an entire year's worth of curriculum in minutes.  This article will walk you through how to set up the preset curriculum for your school or district. To view/download the ...
      • Assign a lesson to students from the lesson library

        Once you've found the lesson that you want to assign in the lesson library , it's time to move that lesson from the backend administrative view to the students' front end view. You can think of creating an assignment as doing 3 easy steps: Decide ...
      • Marking Students Complete in the Suite360 Mental Health program

        If you are doing your Suite360 Student lessons with the whole class, you may want to manually mark students complete in situations where you present the lesson to the whole class rather than having students do the lessons on their own devices. ...
      • Using the Suite360 Student Program as a Teacher

        The most effective Suite360 Student implementations involve classroom teachers both in the classroom and as program users.  This video and the following article will address the unique way that classroom teachers use the Suite360 Student program. ...
      • Recent Topics

      • Week 14 -- "Posting is Forever" -- Grade 4

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Posting is Forever Brief Summary: Students will identify the potential risks of posting photos, messages, or personal information. Shared vocabulary:  Flaming: Saying rude things and trying to start arguments online Netiquette: the correct way of communicating on the internet Key Takeaways: When online, proper etiquette (called netiquette) is needed. Posting online is permanent. Proper online communication guidelines can help decide what can be posted and what should
      • Week 30 -- "You're In Control" -- Grade 1

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: You're In Control Brief Summary: Students will be able to describe how to calm down when they’re feeling strong emotions. Shared vocabulary:  Managing emotions: taking steps to control how we feel Key Takeaways: When we manage our emotions, we take steps to control how we feel. Only we are in control of what we say and do. There are breathing strategies to manage our emotions - rainbow breathing, belly breathing, and deep breathing. We can take responsible actions (good
      • Week 19 -- "Leave Negative Nelly and Ned Behind" -- Grade 4

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Leave Negative Nelly and Ned Behind Brief Summary: Describe positive self-talk to manage anger Shared vocabulary:  Self-talk: the things we say to ourselves Key Takeaways: Negative thoughts make anger more difficult to control.  Focus on using positive self-talk to manage our anger in age typical situations. Continue the Conversation: How can negative thoughts affect you? What are some ways we can “take out the trash” and get rid of negative thoughts? What is a positive
      • Week 12 -- "If You Can't Say Something Nice To Yourself" -- Grade 3

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: If You Can't Say Something Nice To Yourself  Brief Summary: Students will learn to employ positive self-talk to manage insecurity. Shared vocabulary:  Self-talk - the things we say to ourselves ANTs- Automatic Negative Thoughts Key Takeaways: Using positive self-talk helps us overcome the ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) Positive self-talk means saying kind and helpful things to yourself. Using positive self-talk helps give us confidence. Continue the Conversation:
      • Grade 37 -- "Life After High School – Finding My “What’s Next”" -- Grade 12

        Life After High School – Finding My “What’s Next” Grade 12   Brief Summary: High school seniors are at a stage in life where they have reached a “fork in the road,” and no one but them can determine which path to take. That’s hard for many parents and teachers to accept. They will get a lot of great advice they receive from parents, teachers, coaches, mentors, and friends, but this is the first time in life where they really have a chance to determine what they want. What an exciting, but also scary
      • Grade 36 -- "Workplace abuse and harassment" -- Grade 12

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Workplace abuse and harassment. Brief Summary: Sending your teen off to work is a huge milestone! It helps them develop independence and financial responsibility and is another step toward growing up. The last thing on your mind is workplace harassment. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of thousands of cases of teen harassment at work by managers and other employees who feel they can “get away” with this behavior because there is such a demand for work among their age
      • Week 35 -- "Bullying in the workplace" -- Grade 12

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Bullying in the workplace. Brief Summary: Seventy-five percent of employees have been affected by workplace bullying, whether as a target or a witness, according to new research conducted of 1,000 workers across the U.S. by researchers at the University of Phoenix.  Although someone might think of playgrounds and school cafeterias as common places for bullying, workplace bullying is occurring with growing frequency.  A key difference between schoolyard bullying and workplace
      • Week 34 -- "Workplace anger" -- Grade 12

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Workplace anger. Brief Summary: Your teen is off to work and it’s so nice knowing that this whole school thing is almost over. However, your child just called and informed you that she may be getting in trouble at work because she got into a verbal altercation with a supervisor. How are you going to get across that anger at work will get you fired? Without being preachy? Shared vocabulary: None Key Takeaways: The first thing is understanding how to cope with anger yourself.
      • Week 33 -- "Communication Skills to Use with Teachers, Employers, and Parents" -- Grade 12

        Communication Skills to Use with Teachers, Employers, and Parents Grade 12   Brief Summary: This lesson explores the nature of communication and why it is important to have high-quality, effective communication skills. Students will learn various ways we communicate, including verbally and non-verbally, as well as steps they can take to have effective communication skills with teachers, employers, parents, or any other relationship that is important to them.    Lesson Objectives Students will identify
      • Week 32 -- "What makes a great employee?" -- Grade 12

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: What makes a great employee? Brief Summary: Once your child has scheduled a job interview, what happens next? It is important to know what employers are looking for during the interview process. Teens should know how to conduct themselves in a professional manner in order to make a good impression and separate them from the other candidates is crucial in securing the job. It all comes down to that first impression and knowing what it takes to be a great employee. Shared
      • Week 31 -- "How to Give an Impactful Presentation: Even If You Are Scared of Public Speaking!" -- Grade 12

        How to Give an Impactful Presentation: Even If You Are Scared of Public Speaking! Grade 12   Brief Summary: Communication is the key to anything you do in life, and that is why teens having the ability to speak in a public forum is important. Their ability to communicate and present themselves, their thoughts, and their ideas will help them to connect with people and be a positive influence on others. But fear of public speaking is a very real barrier to effective presentations and public speaking.
      • Week 30 -- "Responsible Behavior at Senior Prom" -- Grade 12

        Responsible Behavior at Senior Prom Grade 12   Brief Summary: It’s that time of year when everyone gets excited to attend the biggest formal gathering of the school year. Prom is that last dance of the year for seniors and a culmination of all the great things high school had to offer. It’s a chance for teens to get together with their friends and classmates to have fun and celebrate all their accomplishments over the last four years. In this lesson, students discuss prom etiquette and some common
      • Week 29 -- "The risk and consequences of underage drinking" -- Grade 12

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: The risk and consequences of underage drinking. Brief Summary: Binge drinking is an all-too-common problem among teenagers today. Although teens often believe that they don’t drink too much because they only have a few drinks on the weekends or at the occasional party, binge drinking can cause serious health hazards, even death. More than half of American youths ages 12 to 20 have tried alcohol, and girls are nearly as likely as boys to experiment with drinking. Underage
      • Week 28 -- "Driving Safely" -- Grade 12

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Driving Safely Brief Summary: Distracted driving for teens (16-19 years old) has resulted in the highest rate of accidents out of any age group that drive.  Studies show that teens just don’t have the same level of experience or responsibility as adults when it comes to getting behind the wheel.  Peer pressure, distractions such as friends and electronic devices, immaturity as well as a lack of experience all contribute to the highest rate of fatal crashes in this age
      • Week 27 -- "Understanding eating disorders" -- Grade 12

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Understanding eating disorders. Brief Summary: Eating disorders are caused by a variety of factors, including heredity. Teens may have been depressed about an event in their lives, or family disharmony. There are many other factors that can cause these disorders to begin, but they are all categorized by a person’s desire to control one thing in their lives. Without proper treatment, especially in women, eating disorders like anorexia can result in death — either from
      • Week 26 -- "Making Sleep a Priority" -- Grade 12

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Making Sleep a Priority Brief Summary: The lesson is designed to help teens understand the importance of sleep and what they can do to create good sleep hygiene.  Research shows that teens tend to not get enough sleep.  Even though the amount of sleep varies from one person to another, teens are at a critical point in their physical and mental growth and development.  It is true that teens need more sleep than adults and on average this means nine hours a night of sleep
      • Week 25 -- "Avoiding the Vape Hype" -- Grade 12

        Content here
      • Week 24 -- "Health and wellness for life" -- Grade 12

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Health and wellness for life. Brief Summary: Your teen finally made it to their senior year. They are certainly in the homestretch before making their own decisions and entering adulthood.  One of the most important life skills that your child can adopt is making a commitment now is to a healthy future by establishing healthy nutrition and fitness habits. As a parent, you have made a lot of choices for them or have provided them an avenue to make good choices but now
      • Week 23 --"My Social Impact: How can I change the world around me?" -- Grade 12

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: My Social Impact: How can I change the world around me? Brief Summary: Starting a movement, enacting change, or having a social impact is not easy and can be a daunting task.  However, it is important that teens feel empowered to make a difference.  There are multiple hurdles that can hold one back, but society has evolved because people made the changes they wanted to see in the world.  Whether it be a project, volunteering time, or standing up for something one believes
      • Week 22 -- "What legacy do I want to leave behind in my high school?" -- Grade 12

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: What legacy do I want to leave behind in my high school? Brief Summary: To leave a legacy is to leave something for future generations to benefit from. There are many examples of legacies that have shaped our country and our shared history.  Legacies have changed the way people think and their expectations. The generations before have laid the groundwork that define how we live and what our experiences will look like. As students enter their senior year and eventually
      • Week 37 -- "Agility training for your mind" -- Grade 11

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Agility training for your mind Brief Summary: Most teens are going through a lot right now, emotionally. As students near the end of high school, pressure only mounts. They will need their parents, mentors, teachers, and other significant adults in the life on their side to cheer them on and cheer them up when things get tough. More importantly, they’ll need to learn how to be their own trainer and cheerleader.  This lesson gives students a chance to find a  goal for
      • Week 36 -- "Managing Stress in Your Junior Year" -- Grade 11

        Managing Stress in Your Junior Year Grade 11   Brief Summary: Many students will tell you that the junior year has some different challenges than all the other years they face in high school. Classes become more challenging, there is more testing, they are starting to really think about college or their next step after high school, and autonomy is just two short years away. In this lesson, students will learn about the unique stressors that are common to Juniors and how to cope with them in healthy
      • Week 35 -- "How Do I Look? Creating a Positive Body Image" -- Grade 11

        How Do I Look? Creating a Positive Body Image Grade 11   Brief Summary: Teenagers in today’s world often wonder if they look as good or better than others. With examples of beautiful people being shown to them on social media, TV, movies and advertising, teens spend a lot of time wishing they could look just like them. There is no doubt that in the United States there is a certain ideal around beauty, and without our knowing it teens, are driven to enhance their looks. Even though people tell them
      • Week 34 -- "Seeking help for addiction" -- Grade 11

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Seeking help for addiction. Brief Summary: Having an addict in the family is stressful, but it is even more stressful when it is your own child. You may find yourself wondering what you did wrong and look for ways to fix it.  Don’t go down the path of the blame game and know that you are not alone. Before you can even begin to help your child you must first recognize that addiction and recovery are a long and difficult process that usually takes its toll on all parties
      • Week 33 -- "The Dangers of Vaping, Juuling and E-cigarettes" -- Grade 11

        Content Here
      • Week 32 -- "Driving Safely"-- Grade 11

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Driving Safely. Brief Summary: Driving can be dangerous, but it can also be an important part of growing up and becoming an independent person — especially in places where there isn’t a lot of public transportation to depend on and you need a car to travel to work or school. Studies show that teens just don’t have the same level of experience or responsibility as adults when it comes to getting behind the wheel.  Peer pressure, distractions such as friends and electronic
      • Week 31 -- "The dangers of abuse and abusive relationships" -- Grade 11

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: The dangers of abuse and abusive relationships. Brief Summary: There can be no greater pain than that of seeing your child hurt. When an abusive relationship takes control of your teen, it can be hard to reach and help them get out of it. Teens may not even realize the extent to which they are abused and will not listen to your advice. They may even grow fearful of having to choose between the relationship and their relationship with you. This is the time to take great
      • Week 30 -- "Crossing the line" -- Grade 11

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Crossing the line. Brief Summary: Sexual harassment can be a serious problem in schools and the problem is more common than you may think.  A survey conducted by the American Association of University Women found that forty-eight percent of surveyed middle and high school students nationwide in public and private schools (approximately 1,000 girls and 1,000 boys) said they were sexually harassed at least once, typically by their peers, during the 2010-2011 school year. 
      • Week 29 -- "Breaking up is hard to do" -- Grade 11

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Breaking up is hard to do. Brief Summary: You can certainly remember your first big breakup. You can remember feeling like it was the end of the world. And now so many years later, your child sits in their room, sobbing and shouldering the pain of their own big breakup. It is a pain that runs deep and there is no magic wand, except for the wand of time, that will cut the feelings of loss. As a parent you can be there for support and help your child understand that this
      • Week 28 -- "Practicing Mindfulness Techniques" -- Grade 11

        Practicing Mindfulness Techniques  Grade 11 Brief Summary: Millions of people – teens and adults – are trying to manage massive amounts of information coming at them every single minute of the day. Like everyone else, they are trying to find ways to manage their attention so they can focus for more than a minute at a time. Trying to manage attention while keeping up with the steady flow of data into your brain ultimately stresses both your brain and your body. Mindfulness is a way to handle this
      • Week 27 -- "Don’t stress about stress" -- Grade 11

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Don’t stress about stress. Brief Summary: Stress is something we all face, even your kids. For your teen, stress comes from a variety of sources – school, making and keeping friends, romantic relationships, and managing what they perceive as your expectations for them. Of course, some stress can be positive in that it provides the energy needed to tackle a big test, a presentation, or even a sporting event, but too much stress can create unnecessary hardship and challenge. 
      • Week 26 -- "Choosing future employment options" -- Grade 11

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Choosing future employment options. Brief Summary: When your child joins the work world, it can be a very exciting time for them. They are developing independence, and beginning their lifelong relationship with money management. There is an enormous swing in terms of financial literacy - and it is important as parents to help your teen learn how to manage their money and live within their means. This includes choosing an industry that will fit their lifestyle and passion.
      • Week 25 -- "Giving Back" -- Grade 11

        Giving Back Grade 11   Brief Summary: In this lesson, students learn about socially constructive ways to give back to their community by donating their time and talents to causes and organizations they deem valuable. They learn about the benefits of contributing to their community and see examples of students like them engaging in a variety of community service options. Finally, they learn more about how to create opportunities to give back in their own communities.    Lesson Objectives Students
      • Week 24 -- "Changing the World: Creating My Social Impact" -- Grade 11

        Changing the World: Creating My Social Impact Grade 11   Brief Summary: This lesson is about changing the mindset that students cannot impact the world in which they live. We start with what Margaret Mead, a famous anthropologist once said, “ Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”   In this lesson, students will learn ways to have a social impact on their communities and the world at large. They will do this
      • Week 23 -- "Walking, talking, and playing like a leader" -- Grade 11

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Walking, talking, and playing like a leader. Brief Summary: Your athlete is a junior, an upperclassman. Almost overnight, your child has moved from a position of following to a position of leading. Upperclassmen are expected to lead, direct, and inspire the underclassmen coming up behind them. This responsibility can be overwhelming to some students. Some may never have imagined being in a leadership position. Others have longed to take the lead.  While not everyone
      • Week 22 -- "What Can I Do? Developing Global Empathy" -- Grade 11

        What Can I Do? Developing Global Empathy Grade 11   Brief Summary: In this lesson, students will learn ways to show empathy and compassion for others on a global scale and the importance of nurturing human connections. In the first part, they will explore what it means to show empathy and why it is important. In the second part, they will explore some of the biggest issues facing other countries and cultures. Last, they will be shown ways that they can develop compassion and empathy and use it to
      • Week 37 -- "My Social Impact: Small Steps to Change the World Around Me" -- Grade 10

        Suite360 Student Lesson: My Social Impact: Small Steps to Change the World Around Me Brief Summary: This lesson discusses ways a teen can change the world around them.  Whether the change is a community-wide change or simply making a difference in the lives of those closest to them, teens will realize that everyone is capable of making a difference that matters.  Teen’s today are more aware of the community around them.  It is not uncommon to see young adults passionate about a particular cause. 
      • Week 36 -- "Why Good Reputations Matter"-- Grade 10

        Suite360 Student Lesson: Why Good Reputations Matter Brief Summary: This lesson discusses with students the importance of understanding how to maintain a good reputation.  According to Forbes magazine, “Your actions + what others say about you = your reputation.   This formula is something that is very powerful and has the ability to determine success in school, friendships and in life.  When applying for schools, scholarships and even jobs, a recommendation from another person is often needed so
      • Week 35 -- "Sexting is not sexy" -- Grade 10

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Sexting is not sexy. Brief Summary: None of us as parents think that our child would ever take part in “sexting”, but the dangers are real! The best time to talk to your teen about sending nude or suggestive photos by phone or another electronic device is before it happens.  This also applies to your child if they receive one and what they should do to avoid problems.   Shared vocabulary: None Key Takeaways: Most teens don’t realize that the consequences of sexting can
      • Week 34 -- "When your date doesn’t hear the word “NO”: Sexual assault and date rape" -- Grade 10

        Suite360 Student Lesson Name: When your date doesn’t hear the word “NO”: Sexual assault and date rape. Brief Summary: Finding out your child has been sexually assaulted or is being sexually abused is something no parent wants to hear. It’s hard to know just how to react or even how to feel. You may feel angry, anxious, sadness, shock, and fear. It is important to keep in mind that there is no one “right” reaction, and that all reactions and responses are normal. Your child is counting on you for