Week 37 -- "Agility training for your mind" -- Grade 11

Week 37 -- "Agility training for your mind" -- Grade 11

Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Agility training for your mind

Brief Summary: Most teens are going through a lot right now, emotionally. As students near the end of high school, pressure only mounts. They will need their parents, mentors, teachers, and other significant adults in the life on their side to cheer them on and cheer them up when things get tough. More importantly, they’ll need to learn how to be their own trainer and cheerleader.  This lesson gives students a chance to find a  goal for their attention and help them react to situations with more perspective. Students will also go through a 4-step guide to understand their emotions and positive ways to deal with them. 

Shared vocabulary: None

Key Takeaways:

  • Mental agility is navigating through difficult times, obstacles, and paths.
  • Emotions can be challenging but with time, patience, and effort you can work through them.
  • It is important to set goals and targets to give yourself something to focus on.
  • There is a four step process for understanding feelings: name the feeling, accept the feeling, express your feeling, and take care of yourself.

Continue the Conversation:

  • Why are emotions so difficult to deal with and work through?
  • How is time, patience, and effort important to working through difficult times?  
  • What are the  potential negative consequences of not working through your feelings?
  • What are some current goals or targets you have and how have they helped you stay focused?
  • Why is self care a critical component for your mental and physical wellbeing?  What do you do to take care of yourself?

Additional resources/suggested reading: