Week 35 -- "Sexting is not sexy" -- Grade 10

Week 35 -- "Sexting is not sexy" -- Grade 10

Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Sexting is not sexy.

Brief Summary: None of us as parents think that our child would ever take part in “sexting”, but the dangers are real! The best time to talk to your teen about sending nude or suggestive photos by phone or another electronic device is before it happens.  This also applies to your child if they receive one and what they should do to avoid problems.  

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Key Takeaways:

  • Most teens don’t realize that the consequences of sexting can be far-reaching and life altering. 
  • Teens can be prosecuted for child pornography as a result of sexting; however, the greatest impact on teens generally is the social fallout. The humiliation can crush a teen’s spirit and make it difficult to face his or her peers.  
  • A picture sent to a special someone seems harmless enough, but once sent you have no control of where that picture goes.  
  • Make sure you talk to your teen often to warn them of the dangers of this practice. 

Continue the Conversation:

  • Why is sexting so common?  How can this potentially ruin reputations?
  • What is proper edicate when it comes to someone you are interested in?  If you truly care about this individual, is this something that will send the right message?
  • What happens once you push send?  Remember that once it is out there, it can never be recovered or erased.
  • If you are pressured, how can you avoid the situation and make sure that you don’t make a bad decision?

Additional resources/suggested reading: