Week 33 -- "Relationships and intentions" -- Grade 10

Week 33 -- "Relationships and intentions" -- Grade 10

Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Relationships and intentions.

Brief Summary:  When teens are in the throes of their latest crush, it might be hard to tell them that their love interest isn’t so interested. Or maybe they are coming home already with the bad news in front of them – their love interest is newly paired with someone else. Regardless of how the news happens, being rejected can be a very painful experience. It takes the fragile self esteem your child is developing and crushes it like a tin can.  Although you know this phase in life will pass and they will find someone else who is interested, your child doesn’t see it that way.  As their parent, you are their rock and need to be there for them by providing emotional support and guidance through these difficult times.

Shared vocabulary: None

Key Takeaways:

  • It is important to be empathetic regarding the relationship. This will help your child see that they are not alone.
  • Help them build self-esteem back up.  It is important to remind your child about what they have to offer which will help reacquaint them with their self worth.
  • Talking about the signs of interest is important in understanding if someone is interested or not.
  • Remind them that even though they didn’t get this person in their life, there will be a time when the right person will come into the picture. 
  • Help your child find other ways to focus their attention.  Offering a pleasant distraction can take your child’s mind off their broken heart.

Continue the Conversation:

  • Why is dating so difficult?  What are the challenges you face when trying to find someone you feel you are compatible with?
  • How have your friends found someone they are interested in?
  • Do opposites attract?  Does this open the door for you to find other activities that you might not have previously considered?
  • What are the appropriate ways of showing someone that you are interested in them?
  • What signs might you look for when you think someone is interested in you?

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