Week 32 -- "What makes a great employee?" -- Grade 12

Week 32 -- "What makes a great employee?" -- Grade 12

Suite360 Student Lesson Name: What makes a great employee?

Brief Summary: Once your child has scheduled a job interview, what happens next? It is important to know what employers are looking for during the interview process. Teens should know how to conduct themselves in a professional manner in order to make a good impression and separate them from the other candidates is crucial in securing the job. It all comes down to that first impression and knowing what it takes to be a great employee.

Shared vocabulary: None

Key Takeaways:

  • It is important to be professional during that first impression.  This includes dressing for the part, standing to meet the interviewer, having a proper handshake, and making eye contact.
  • When your teen is asked to tell them a bit about themselves, they need to use this as an opportunity to give a concise summary of who they are and what they stand for.  This needs to be short and to the point.
  • It is important to carry a copy of their resume and to make sure they use this opportunity to tell the interviewer why they are a good fit for the job.  This includes telling them how their skill set fits the needs of the company and the job they are applying for.  
  • They need to make sure to follow up with the company they applied at.  This is regardless of whether or not they got the job.
  • Now that you have the job, what do you need to do to keep it? Employers have certain expectations that employees must fulfill if they want to remain with the company. They want to ensure that their employees will do their best to help the company.  Creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, media literacy, information literacy, problem solving — these skills are some of the most valuable in an increasingly dynamic job market.

Continue the Conversation:  

  • Did you do your homework in regards to what the company is about?  This information will be valuable during the interview.
  • Has someone proof-read your resume?  If not, look over it together.
  • What will the interview day look like?  What is proper attire for the interview?  This also will include proper etiquette during the interview i.e. turning off cell phone etc.
  • What skills do you have that match what the employer is looking for?
  • Make sure to help your teen by practicing or going over perspective questions that might be asked during the interview.

Additional resources/suggested reading: