Week 31 -- "The Give and Take of Communicate" -- Grade 9

Week 31 -- "The Give and Take of Communicate" -- Grade 9

Suite360 Student Lesson Name:  The Give and Take of Communicate

Brief Summary: This lesson explores how teens can form their own view point and how one can benefit from the viewpoint of others. The concept of fact vs. opinion is explained to establish that one's point of view is just that, and opinion. It then examines the ways to communicate effectively yet careful on social media and other written forms. Finally, the lesson helps with tips on assertive communication and active listening. 

Shared vocabulary:

  • Open minded- being willing to consider any point of view
  • Perspective- your point of view
  • Active Listening- ways to be engaged when someone is speaking to you. 
  • Assertive Communication- using correct tone and language to express your viewpoint

Key Takeaways:

  • We all have a point of view, it is not the same as a fact
  • Be careful expressing your opinion
  • Be active in your communication; listening and speaking

Continue the Conversation:

  • Address the difference between fact and opinion in the news and other common subjects
  • Practice active listening skills and assertive communication through role play 
  • Continue to build via examples how multiple perspectives have value

Additional activities/resources/suggested reading: