Week 30 -- "Positive Body Image- What are realistic expectations?" -- Grade 9

Week 30 -- "Positive Body Image- What are realistic expectations?" -- Grade 9

Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Positive Body Image- What  are realistic expectations?

Brief Summary: This lesson will examine the idea of teens and their body image. Using videos and images, the lesson will unpack how one’s body image is created and how we can control our body image in a healthy and enduring way. There are some sensitive topics, words, and images in this lesson, yet they are necessary to address the topic effectively. 

Shared vocabulary:

  • Body dissatisfaction- being unhappy with one's body
  • Eating Disorders- not eating enough (anorexia) or eating and then purging the food so as not to gain weight (bulimia)
  • Shaming”- when others attack and ridicule someone based on their body image.
  • Validation- to be known and acknowledged
  • Body Image- the impression and messages of your body and how you present it

Key Takeaways:

  • A positive body image is important for all teens
  • Both boys and girls are under tremendous pressure at school and online to have a ‘perfect’ body
  • Negative body images can lead to physical, social, and emotional issues now and for years to come. 

Continue the Conversation:

  • Talk with your child about eating disorders and what they mean. 
  • Share examples and role models who have conquered body image challenges.
  • Be open with them and help guide them through the process of a positive body image before they leave the house for school, go out on a date, or even going shopping. 
  • Be realistic with them. Yes-styles have changed, but be principled in what you believe about a positive body image. 

Additional activities/resources/suggested reading: