Week 28 -- "Driving Safely" -- Grade 12

Week 28 -- "Driving Safely" -- Grade 12

Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Driving Safely

Brief Summary: Distracted driving for teens (16-19 years old) has resulted in the highest rate of accidents out of any age group that drive.  Studies show that teens just don’t have the same level of experience or responsibility as adults when it comes to getting behind the wheel.  Peer pressure, distractions such as friends and electronic devices, immaturity as well as a lack of experience all contribute to the highest rate of fatal crashes in this age group.  Over the course of this lesson we will take a look at the statistics, facts, and situations that contribute to distracted driving as well as look at ways to limit distractions for teen drivers.

Shared vocabulary: 

  • Distracted driving- doing any activity that distracts an individual from the role of operating a vehicle.

Key Takeaways:

  • Higher instances of accidents due to distracted driving occur at the 16-19 age group.
  • Young drivers lack the maturity, skill, and experience to deal with distractions.
  • There are a series of things young drivers can do to limit distractions.  One of the biggest is to not use cell phones while operating a vehicle.  
  • Distracted driving doesn’t just impact the driver of the vehicle, it can have fatal consequences for passengers and non-occupants alike.

Continue the Conversation:

  • Why does distracted driving contribute to so many accidents?
  • In what ways can teens work through peer pressure when it comes to their cars, limiting passengers, and setting boundaries when they have occupants in their cars?
  • How does distracted driving and accidents impact insurance rates?
  • What are the local laws regarding teen drivers i.e. how many passengers, cell phone usage, potential curfew times (night driving) etc.

Additional resources/suggested reading:   

The following are good resources to refer to in having a discussion with your student or child.  Some of the sites are specific to teen drivers and some are specifically listed for additional information pertaining to driving facts and statistics.