Week 26 -- "Making Sleep a Priority" -- Grade 12

Week 26 -- "Making Sleep a Priority" -- Grade 12

Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Making Sleep a Priority

Brief Summary: The lesson is designed to help teens understand the importance of sleep and what they can do to create good sleep hygiene.  Research shows that teens tend to not get enough sleep.  Even though the amount of sleep varies from one person to another, teens are at a critical point in their physical and mental growth and development.  It is true that teens need more sleep than adults and on average this means nine hours a night of sleep to be at their best.  The health complications of a lack of sleep can impact the way one thinks, how their body responds to the environment, and how they learn.  Good sleep hygiene ensures teens are ready for the challenges of daily life. 

Shared vocabulary: None

Key Takeaways:

  • Research shows that teens are not getting enough sleep and this impacts their mental, emotional and physical health.
  • Teens are at a critical point in their growth and development and sleep plays an important role in functioning to their fullest capacity.
  • Teens need, on average, nine hours of sleep a night.
  • A lack of sleep can and will lead to dangerous behaviors and or habits.
  • Sleep hygiene is important in helping teens get a good night’s rest.
  • Creating a good sleep routine will have positive short and long term impacts on mental, physical, and emotional health.

Continue the Conversation:

  • What are some of the causes of not getting a proper night’s rest?
  • Have you experienced a lack of sleep?  How has this impacted your performance at school, work, and in sports?
  • How do you respond to someone who doesn’t get enough sleep (i.e. when someone is irritable or moody)?
  • What are some things that you can do to create good sleep hygiene?
  • How can your parents help you create a good sleep environment?

Additional resources/suggested reading: