Week 25 -- "My Gifts, My Passions" -- Grade 9

Week 25 -- "My Gifts, My Passions" -- Grade 9

Suite360 9th grade Student Lesson Name: My Gifts, My Passions. 

Brief Summary:

  • Explores the concept of personal attributes, skills, and passions
  • Examines the steps and skills necessary for success
  • Share methods to developing attributes into passions / careers

Shared vocabulary:

  • Attributes- things that a person does well and can be considered a strength
  • Soft Skills- human interaction skills such as having conversations, bringing a group together, etc. 
  • Hard Skills- technical specific skills such as electricians, computer coding, etc. 
  • Interest Survey- a method of collecting data based on your choices and translating the data into predictions about future career strengths 

Key Takeaways:

  • Everyone can use their uniqueness to their advantage
  • Honing in on their attributes can help students find their passions
  • School and others have many tools to use to help you think through your gifts, skills, and passions and how they can best serve you in the future. 

Continue the Conversation:

  • Take some of the career / interest surveys with your kids and compare notes
  • Connect specific careers with skills / attributes
  • Talk with your student about your own career journey

Additional activities/resources/suggested reading:

Have students explore the following sites