Week 23 -- "Walking, talking, and playing like a leader" -- Grade 11

Week 23 -- "Walking, talking, and playing like a leader" -- Grade 11

Suite360 Student Lesson Name: Walking, talking, and playing like a leader.

Brief Summary: Your athlete is a junior, an upperclassman. Almost overnight, your child has moved from a position of following to a position of leading. Upperclassmen are expected to lead, direct, and inspire the underclassmen coming up behind them. This responsibility can be overwhelming to some students. Some may never have imagined being in a leadership position. Others have longed to take the lead.  While not everyone can be a team captain, every athlete can be a leader.  So what can you do to help foster leadership in your child?

Shared vocabulary: None

Key Takeaways:

  • Talk to your student about leadership. Explain that as they move into adulthood, exhibiting leadership will become more and more important. 
  • Leadership is valued in all walks of life. 
  • Make sure to encourage your student to take the risk to become a leader.
  • There are different ways of leading.  Help your child find their strengths so that they can find the style that works best for them.
  • Leadership on their team will help them as they begin the process of active recruitment.

Continue the Conversation:

  • When you think about leadership, what are some of the attributes do you admire?
  • When you where a freshman/sophomore, what are some of the things that the upperclassmen did to help you and drive you to become better?
  • Ask your athlete about this lesson on leadership. What point stood out to them? You might also occasionally ask, “What would a good leader do in this situation?”

Additional resources/suggested reading: